Why Volunteer?

Many people like to volunteer to make a difference. That is a positive attitude! Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer. You may have several different reasons.

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Agape Hope Center P.O Box 4936-00506 Nyayo Stadium Nairobi, Kenya.

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NAME: Edmond Okumu
AGE: 5
CLASS: Nursery

History: to Diana Freshia, see her profile for a history


NAME: Felix Wekesa
AGE: 4
CLASS: Baby class

History: Both of Felix's parents were killed in January 2008, victims of the tribal clashes following the federal elections in December 2007. Felix and his sister Brenda had been staying with their aunt while their parents remained at their home. The parents had been planning on coming for a visit, but the violence persisted and they never came. The children remain with their aunt and two cousins.

Needs: He has been having a problem with his chest but the family does not have the money to pay for a medical examination.

NAME: Brenda Deby
AGE: 8

History: Sister to Felix Wekesa, see Felix's profile for a history


NAME: Esther Zawadi
AGE: 4
CLASS: Nursery

History: Esther lives with both parents who are HIV positive. Though they are still able to work, neither parent has been able to find employment because of their HIV status. She and her young sister therefore depend on food provided by Agape Hope Center and the meager income from odd, temporary jobs.