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Many people like to volunteer to make a difference. That is a positive attitude! Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer. You may have several different reasons.

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There are 3 projects at Agape and the main project is the primary school for students in baby class (3 years old) to class 4 (9-10 years old). There are about 200 students attending the school, 9 teachers, 2 cooks, a caretaker and an administration director. While primary school education in Kenya is free for government schools, other schools are forced to charge fees to maintain the establishment. Agape also requires the income from school fees to pay its staff and to run the feeding program. Despite this, the center will accept students whose parents are unable to pay a portion or any of the fees. Though resources are very limited, the staff at Agape strives to provide each of their students with the education, counseling and individual attention that they require and deserve.
However, there are two other projects at the center and they include, a tailoring and catering school.
The tailoring school is used as a training medium for the women in the support group and the children in the center.
The catering school is also used to train the support group as well as the children on how to bake and sell the bread to the community, as a way to generate income for the center.


The center also serves as the residence for orphans and vulnerable boys. Each boy has his own history, but all have been taken out of insupportable circumstances, whether they were living in the dangerous and sinister streets of Nairobi , were recently orphaned and left with nowhere to live or whose homes were too hostile an environment for them to remain. Boys living at the center are provided with three meals a day, school fees, any clothes or other supplies they may need, as well as the structure and affection necessary for their healthy development. Providing these services causes constant financial stress for the center, but the boys are considered family and caring for them is an unwavering commitment.
Additionally the center also has a fostering program whereby children are placed in different families where they are provided with the basic needs and moreso, a homely environment filled with love.