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Many people like to volunteer to make a difference. That is a positive attitude! Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer. You may have several different reasons.

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Feeding program

The vast majority of students at Agape Home Center Academy come from poverty-stricken families where food is often hard to come by. Therefore, it is among our highest priorities to ensure that the children are given one solid meal per day. Every day from Monday to Friday, all students are served porridge in the morning and a healthy lunch in the afternoon. The feeding program also runs on the weekends for other members of the community, sometimes up to 400 people.

Before the post-election violence at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, Agape was able to get food for the program free of charge from Feed the Children. However, their services have since been transferred to the people who were displaced as a result of this violence. Therefore, Agape has had to fund the program with the very inadequate income from school fees and donations made by volunteers and other well-wishers.

Below is a glimpse of how our feeding program looks like:

Porridge flour 10Kg per day X 6Day = 60 kg per week
Sugar  - 3 Kg per day X 6Day = 21 kg per week
Maize flour  -  30Kg per day X 6Day = 180 kg per week
Maize  - 15kg per day X 6Day = 90 Kg per week
Beans - 20kg per day X 6Day = 140 Kg per week
Cooking fat - 1kg per day X 6Day = 6Kg per week
Rice - 25kg per day X 6 Day = 6kg per week
Salt  - 1kg per day X 6 Day = 6Kg per week

Sponsorship program

Agape has recently undertaken a new initiative to find sponsors for the neediest children at the center. The cost to sponsor a child is $30USD per month. This money will pay for the child's school fees as well as provide them with books, school supplies, uniforms and shoes. In addition, the money will allow Agape to more freely provide food and water to the children at the centre, as resources have always been limited for the feeding program.